JT Fibreglass Industries

Precision, quality and durability with premium fibreglass products.

JT fibreglass provides a diverse range of fibreglass products, catering to the needs of all industries. With products including sinks, recycle tanks, aviation markers, and camper van roofs, we offer fibreglass solutions for individuals and businesses across all different areas.

All our fibreglass products are carefully constructed using Resin Transfer Moulding, ensuring the highest quality result and a smooth, attractive finish. For premium durability, strength and resilience, choose JT Fibreglass today. For more information, make an enquiry online now, and experience the difference of real quality.

Latest News
The UP50N Robot

Arriving November 09 UP50N Robot. This sleek high speed robot will offer superior performance in the trimming of our products.

It will enable us to maintain high production levels for our customers with accurate trimming and drilling of our products. Complicated shapes will now be easily trimmed with the robot.

Click here for more information about the UP50N Robot.