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For the perfect finish, use premium fibreglass products

Here at JT Fibreglass (NSW), we understand the importance of quality and can advise you on the best fibreglass products for any job. If you need fibreglass resin for sinks, tanks, aviation markers, automotive bodies or boat hulls or just need fibreglass repair kits for an existing surface, we offer a full range of products and offer the best value for money.

Whether you are working on a commercial building or personal renovation, JT Fibreglass can find the perfect solution for you. There are no projects too big or too small for our team of experts, so if you’ve got an enquiry, we’d love to hear it.

We use the highest-quality fibreglass resin

All products are produced using resin transfer moulding (RTM), adding strength and a smooth feel. This allows you to create the perfect finish to any job, which will last for years to come without splitting, warping or fading.

Fibreglass products to suit all purposes

We design and manufacture all products to meet the high-standard that our customers expect. We have an extensive range of tools and supplies available, to complete fibreglass repair or restoration.

For Australian business owners, our team has the experience and knowledge to assist all industries, including:

  • Domestic Housing
  • Commercial Building
  • Electricians
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Automotive

It is quick and simple to make an online enquiry. Just submit your details and one of our trained consultants will contact you to discuss the options available.

The benefits of fibreglass resin mouldings

We are dedicated to providing a higher-standard of material and great value for money, and over 25 years, we have mastered the most effective production methods. We use a special resin transfer moulding (RTM) to manufacture all fibreglass products.

RTM is the best method for ensuring quality at all stages of production and offers the following benefits:

  • A consistent laminate thickness
  • A smooth finish on both sides
  • A cleaner and safer products
  • Higher production rates

Browse through our products to find exactly what you are looking for, or make an online enquiry and gain expert advice on your next project.

We can assist with all repairs

JT Fiberglass (NSW) has a massive range of fiberglass products and tools to restore existing surfaces. Fiberglass repair is easier than ever with advice from our expert team. We will show you the best methods of application to create the perfect finish on any surface, whether it’s your boat, car, caravan or home.

Premium Fibreglass Suppliers!

If you are planning fibreglass repair or restoration, take some time to browse our massive selection or make an enquiry about the most suitable products for you. We aren’t just fibreglass suppliers – we are the experts in the field. For the highest-quality products, contact fibreglass suppliers you can rely on. Make an enquiry today and we will help you create the best finish on your next job.

Latest News
The UP50N Robot

Arriving November 09 UP50N Robot. This sleek high speed robot will offer superior performance in the trimming of our products.

It will enable us to maintain high production levels for our customers with accurate trimming and drilling of our products. Complicated shapes will now be easily trimmed with the robot.

Click here for more information about the UP50N Robot.